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Instructor Guide


I was born & raised in western Canada and have been shooting since I was twelve. I began shooting skeet and sporting clays 5 years ago.

As an NRA certified shotgun instructor and RSO I look forward to introducing you to a sport you could be involved with for a lifetime!



Instructor Guide


I was born & raised in Montana. I  started shooting trap when I was nine. For many years I was  an  avid duck and pheasant hunter. Now my passion is Sporting Clays.

As an NRA shotgun instructor I get very excited helping shooters break lots of clay targets. I  look forward to sharing that excitement when you and your group come and shoot with us at Right on Target Clay Guides.




Right on Target’s Mission statement:

Right on Target - What Is It That We Do?

Our mission statement is pretty straightforward: To provide our client’s with an enjoyable and safe shotgun shooting experience. 

But what we provide is much more than that. You’ll be given an opportunity to experience a sport that is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in terms of doing something new, something exciting, and above all else, rewarding to say the least.

We were bit by the shotgun shooting bug years ago. An outing that involved shooting a shotgun at an aerial target became something that we could not seem to get enough of. While there are 4 major disciplines of shotgun shooting (trap, skeet, sporting clay and 5-Stand) each one of us has a favorite that we have gravitated to because each discipline has its own special attraction. For example, sporting clays is often described as “like playing golf with a shotgun…”

One characteristic that all of the disciplines have in common is the challenge of hitting a fast moving airborne target. The thrill of doing so and the sense of accomplishment that you feel are not easily matched in many sports. This “instant gratification” is the draw - the “hook” if you will, of what Right on Target provides.

We are so passionate about what we do; we want to provide even the most casual shooter with an opportunity to experience that same feeling. Regardless of whether you have had any previous shooting experience, our instructor guides are skilled at showing you how to break targets.

The camaraderie and beauty of the desert along with the memories you will create are what make this sport so rewarding and enjoyable. You might just catch that same bug!

We provide all of the necessary equipment and instructor guides to show you how to safely use some of the best shotgun shooting facilities in the Southwest. You just come prepared to have a good time!

Whether you are looking for a new type of activity to round out your vacation, or perhaps a team-builder to strengthen your corporate relationships, an outing with Right on Target will become one of those lifetime memories.

We are very pleased to offer this fine collection of shotguns available for our customers to enjoy when they “come shoot with us.”

Winchester Select 12g O/U
Browning BT-99
SKB-585 28g O/U
Verona 12g O/U & 20g O/U
Weatherby Athena 20g O/U
Remington Premier 20g O/U
Ithaca 12g auto
Tri-Star 28g auto

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