"So many thanks for the fun day of practice shooting. I thouroughly enjoyed myself and appreciated all the helpful instruction for a novice shooter. Thank you for all your help!"
"As a true novice (I've never even held a gun in my life) I was skeptical about "shooting", but Greg and Bob are not only great teachers, they are excellent observers of what needs to be communicated.  I learned safety, attitude about guns and how to shoot.  I actually hit targets and the rush was great.  It was fun, the scenery is not to be beat anywhere and the whole experience makes me want to do it again.  I will.  Thanks Bob and Greg."
It was great meeting you and I really enjoyed and appreciated your time in giving us a new exciting experience. I would do that again and not hesitate in recommending you and Greg as the "go-to" guys in the Valley. Thanks again!
Priscilla Mullen
My nephew and I had the opportunity to spend a day of shooting with Greg Liebsch. Gregs expertise,teaching ability and sense of humor
turned a new intimidating experience into a great day of learning,fun , and laughs. Greg really knows his stuff!. His knowledge, patience, and passion for this sport made for a  wonderful time. Add the beautiful spectacular scenery...This was a ten star day
 for both of us.! I am looking forward to the next time! 

JP from NJ
Had a great time shooting with these guys even though I'm not much of a shooter these guys made me feel so relaxed and comfortable And with there guidance made my shooting experience worth wild. Would go shooting again with these guys anytime when in the area again. Give them a shot you won't be disappointed . 

Jeremy, age 14
Being out at the range, sharing time with family and friends was so much fun.  I enjoyed learning a new skill along with the aspect of friendly competition.  Another great thing about the shooting sports is that it's an opportunity for kids and adults alike to feel included and part of a team.  This also allowed for me to get to know other people who are interested in the same sport I am.  You should try it sometime!             
Mark from Reno nv writes;
Good time, Great Guys!
Experience the moments of being "Right on Target" Greg is the coolest guy, he is a natural teacher, and loves to bring out the best in you. There is no intimidation or fear dealing with Greg, and thru the goal of being right on target, you experience your inner self with the perfect balance or intent, focus, commit, and result, and Greg makes it positive. Every time I have shot with Greg, I go away feeling uplifted and fullfilled in my heart. He is great, he makes you a better shooter and a better person.

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